What should not be learnt from the Sinai War?

Operation Kadesh, a war deluxe

On October 29, 1956 the Sinai War began, in which IDF forces penetrated the peninsula and occupied it with 100 hours, November 5, 1956.

Many books, researches, articles, interviews, etc. were published about the war and its background.

On December 27, 1956 Ben Gurion spoke to the IDF's senior command. His main points addressed "What should not be learnt from the Sinai War."

Ben Gurion detailed the differences expected between the Sinai War and the future one, emphasizing: "I see a great danger if we shall regard the next war in the mold of the Sinai campaign. This was an exception that will not return, at least there is no certainty that it will – this was a war deluxe."

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