Conscripting troops to the IDF

​​​Who will be conscripted for full service, for partial service, how many women and men responded to the call? Golda Meir is heading the conference where the IDF was established as the People's army, and set the Israeli Defense Service Law, regulating conscription into military service of the citizens of Israel. 

At the exhibition one may read the protocol of the dramatic conference of the "Public Service Census Bureau" appointed to prepare the conscription to the IDF. Ten days before the fateful vote in the UN, 19/11/1947, Golda Meir (the future fourth Prime Minister of Israel) headed the conference, which set the conscription procedure: those to be conscripted for full service, for partial service, and those to be exempted. The Act was published on January 1, 1948, and conscription began on Hanukah, a week later.

You may also view two tables presenting the anticipated number of draftees, and the actual number two and a half weeks later, following an accelerated draft procedure, and three public announcements following the bureau's proclamation.

One may also read a letter sent by David Ben Gurion, Prime Minister and Defense Minister of the Interim Government, to Levi Eshkol, general manager of the Prime Minister Office, and future third Prime Minister, changing the Bureau's name to the "Ministry of Defense  Conscription Center."​

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