The "Lehi" archive


The Lehi ("The Fighter for Freedom of Israel" – לח"י" Lohamei Herut Israel") archive is part of the IDF and the Defense System archive. In 2003, following the agreement signed between the Defense Ministry and the "Freedom Fighters of Israel Heritage Association," archival materials in possession of the association were transferred to the IDFA.

The collection includes 2,704 files, 4,451 photographs, 1,169 audio recordings, 93 video recordings, and 284 posters. The IDFA is in touch with the association, and stores additional archival materials accumulated in recent years.​

The Lehi filed arrived in some consignments, including the"Ha'Kad" archive, a collection of documents which were in possession of Avraham (Yair) Stern, when he served as secretary of the IZL, before leaving it with the establishment of the Lehi in 1940. Being a persecuted leader, Stern asked his collaborators to conceal the administrative materials in his possession in various sites in Tel-Aviv, hidden in milk containers (cad). Of the five containers, one was located in 1958, containing materials from Stern's period as secretary of the IZL (Irgun Zva'i Leumi). 

The materials contain various correspondences on subjects such as the IZL relationships with other entities (the political left in Mandatory Palestine and in Poland, Beitar, the Haganah, The New Zionist Organization [revisionist], and the British), illegal immigration, intelligence, the Police, the Lehi's objections to joining the British Army, the "38" trial, aviation, education, instruction and drilling, publications, radio broadcasts, etc. 

The documents also include fatal casualties' files, personal files, private collections of Lehi members, the Warriors Party, testimonies, publications, correspondence, etc.

The "Freedom Fighters of Israel Heritage Association" and the Lehi museum reside in "Yair's house," where Abraham Stern – Yair" was murdered by the British, in the Florentin neighborhood in Tel-Aviv. ​

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