The tensions grow

Following the incident in the north, on April 7, 1967, when the IAF shoot down six Syrian aircraft, and as a demonstration of support of Syria, Egypt began deploying forces in the Sinai Peninsula, while escalating its threats campaign in the media.

On May 16, the Egyptian Chief of Staff, Mohamed Abdel Hakim Amer, demanded from the commander of the UN Emergency Force in the Sinai Peninsula to evacuate his troops from, the observation and control checkpoints on the border with Israel. Two days later he demanded the evacuation of the UN force from the entire peninsula.

On May 19, 1967 the UN Emergency Force was evacuated from the Sinai Peninsula.

On May 23, Egypt's President, Gamal Abdel Nasser ordered the closure of the Tiran straits to all vessels on their way to Israel. Jordan, encouraged by the Egyptian force demonstration, decided, on May 30 to concentrate its military forces on its border with Israel. It also signed an agreement with Egypt to subject its armed forces in the coming war to the Egyptian General Abdul Munim Riad. On June 1, an Egyptian commando battalion arrived in Jordan, in addition to a movement of Iraqi forces in Jordan. 

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