The archive library


The Archive military and defense library focuses on the IDF and the defense establishment. It serves archive employees and visitors to the reading room. The library functions as a closed stacks collection: after ordering a book in the computerized catalog, one may scrutinize it in the reading room. There is no landing of books outside the archive.

Memorial Literature:

The archive contains a collection of memorial literature dedicated to the IDF fallen, and other dead of Israel campaigns. Its uniqueness lies in containing memorial books of all corps' and eras, dedicated to study and research.

The memorial book collection is periodically enriched by publications received from families and friends of the fallen. Any contribution to the collection is welcomed.

One may deliver the publications by mail to: the IDF & Defense Establishment Archives, Ministry of Defense, Hakirya, 6473424 Tel-Aviv, Israel​


The IDF & Defense Establishment Archives stored copies of the military journals: "BaMahane," "BaMahane Nahal," "BaMahane Gadna," etc.