Going to war

​​On June 2, 1967, the General Staff conducted a special deliberation with the participation of the Defense Ministerial Committee, the heads of the General Staff pressured the Prime Minister to launch a war.

In a following consultation at the Prime Minister's office, Dayan proposed launching the war on June 5. From his own perspective, Aba Eban admitted that the US President cannot fulfill his obligations.

Finally, Levi Eshkol agreed that politics are at a dead end.

In a meeting of the Defense Ministerial Committee, on June 4, Dayan pointed to the need to launch the war immediately.

Eshkol and other ministers agreed. Next, the Defense Ministerial Committee convened with all other Government ministers, and with a majority of 18 decided "to take military action to free Israel from the suffocating aggression grip tightening around it."

In the days remaining following Dayan's appointment as Minister of Defense, changes of the last minute were made in the various plans and operational commands.

On the evening of June 4, the Chief of Staff consulted with the heads of the General Staff, and the decision was taken to start the campaign next morning, June 5, with an aerial attack on the Egyptian military airfields.

The Six Day War began. 

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