Information from Subject Files

​​Information from Subject Files ​from​​ in ​IDF and Defense Establishment Archive​​​

The IDF and Defense Establishment Archive's repository provides a reasonable searching capability of requested documents. The entire repository is not open to the public due to its classification. If you request documentation in various subjects, events, units, etc. from the IDF and Defense Establishment Archive, please fill the scrutiny re​quest form​. See also The Ministry of Defense guidance 059.​02 – scrutiny of declassified archival materials at the IDF and Defense Establishment Archive.

Each request is treated in a businesslike manner, and the relevant files are examined. Location of relevant files is done in cooperation with the applicant, to focus the request and save precious time. In cases of classified materials – they are referred to the declassification team, to supply the applicant with the requested materials as fast as possible.

Treatment of a request takes between two weeks to a month, as required by the requested subject and its complexity.

Scrutinizing classified materials

An amendment from 2010 to the Archives Law – 1994, permits declassification of documentation which was created less than fifty years ago, in response to requests approved by The Classified Materials Scrutinizing Committee (formerly, "The committee to approve certified researchers"), headed by the archive's manager. Hundreds declassification requests were approved over the years, and thousands of files were declassified.

Applicants interested in materials created less than fifty years ago, should first consult materials declassified previously, following requests approved by the committee.

In cases that additional materials are necessary, please address a "Classified materials scrutiny request" to the archive manager, by mail, fax, or a Classifi​ed materials​ scrut​iny req​uest form​.

The Ministry of Defense guidances – 2017

Guidance 05​9.140 - ​trea​tment of classified materials scrutiny requests.

Guidance 059.02 – declassified materials scrutiny requests.