The Jewish Combatant Collection

​​​​The Jewish Combatant Collection, in the World Armies and Undergrounds was established by David Ben Gurion – first Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Israel – directive to establish the Archive of the IDF and the Security Establishment. In his instruction to the archive manager, on December 19, 1948, Ben Gurion Wrote: "The army's archive will draw materials not only from the IDF and its predecessors in Israel (the defense of Jewish settlements since the establishment of Petah-Tiqvah, Ha'shomer, the Jewish Legion, the Haganah and all its branches), but on the history of Jewish self-defense in the Diaspora, the participation of Jews in national and international liberation wars, and on Jewish participation in developing military art and technics."

Following years-long efforts, the Archive of the IDF and the Security Establishment stores a collection, rare in its scope and quality, documenting the roles and contributions of Jews in military activities all around the world, in warfare, in local conflicts, in wars of independence and in struggles of resistance movements, as well as in defense research and development.

The collection includes over 80,000 files, containing, inter alia, documents (original and copies) created from the mid-19th century to the present, documenting the service of Jews in armies worldwide, immediately following the Jewish Emancipation.

Alongside the subject files, the collection contains 3,000 photographs, personal journals and notes, badges, medals, memoirs, maps, newspaper clips, books, researches, articles and booklets in Hebrew, English, Russian, etc., displays, video cassettes and compact disks. All these are testifying to Jewish involvement in armies and defense systems all around the world, and to their many contributions therein.

The collection is intended for the use of academics and researchers, school children, students, soldiers and the public interested in that important aspect of Jewish history. 

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