The IDF's organization and roles

Following the end of the War of Independence, Ben Gurion submitted to the Chief of Staff, on October 27, 1949, a long document "The Army's organization and roles," detailing his "credo" in regard of the army's character and mission.

Ben Gurion's point of departure was the expectation of another war with reinforced Arab armies. In order to maintain the IDF's superiority, its professionalism, organization, and pioneering quality should be improved to the maximum. The whole nation should be prepared for war, without disrupting the economy.

In Ben Gurion eyes, Israel highest purposes are the ingathering of the diasporas and the development of the country. Therefore, the IDF's role as a pioneering education center for the youth "stitching together the tribes and diasporas" is of equal importance to its role in safeguarding the state.

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