The Leaflet and Poster Collection

​​​The Leaflet and Poster Collection at the Archive of the IDF and the Security Establishment includes 2,400 items from the Second World War and pre-state periods, until the present.

The use of leaflets and posters as a public publicity and propaganda means allows us to regard them as a mirror and documentation of the pre-state and state periods.

The Archive of the IDF and the Security Establishment contains leaflets and posters associated with the Yishuv's mobilization efforts in the Second World War, including mobilization orders to units of the British Army (WAAF, ATS), etc.

The leaflets and posters were designed by the best graphic artists living in the Yishuv.

When conflicts were raging among the various undergrounds' activists (Haganah, IZL, Lehi), all three published leaflets and poster testifying to these conflicts.

Toward the War of Independence, many leaflets and posters were published, urging the mobilization in the service of the people, in various languages, so that new immigrants would be able to take part in the war efforts. Thus, the collection contains exhibits in Yiddish, Romanian, Bulgarian, etc.

In the early 1950's, the leaflets and posters reflected problems which were then facing the young state in immigration absorption, the economy, and the current security along the borders.

The Archive of the IDF and the Security Establishment's collection also includes posters dealing with field and information security, military education and propaganda, and with encouraging the mobilization to various army corps', such as the navy, the air force, the p​​aratroopers, etc. 

Copies of scanned posters may be obtained on a CD for a fee.​