The Egyptian Front

The IDF's main effort took place in the Egyptian front. The actual penetration of the Sinai Peninsula was preceded by the attack on the Egyptian military airfields and the destruction of the major part the Egyptian air force in three hours.

Thus an aerial superiority was achieved at the outbreak of the war, easing the movement of the ground forces. The formation operating in the Sinai and Gaza Strip were: in the northern axis – Division 84 (commanded by General Israel Tal), including Regiment 7 (commanded by Colonel Shmuel Gorodish); Regiment 60 (commanded by Colonel Menachem Aviram); Regiment 35 (commanded by  Colonel Raphael Eitan) and other formations. In the central axis: Division 38 (commanded by General Ariel Sharon), including Regiment 99 (commanded by Colonel Yekutiel Adam); Regiment 14 (commanded by Colonel Mordechai Tzipory); Regiment 80 (commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Dani Mat); and formations from Regiment 8 (executive commander: Lieutenant Colonel Mordechai Ben Porat); and other formations. In the gap between these divisions, division 31 (commanded by General Avraham Joffe) operated with Regime​nts 200 (commanded by Colonel Issachar Shadmi); Regiment 520 (commanded by Colonel Elhanan Sela) and other formations. All of these under the command of General Jessaiahu Gavish) Southern Command Chief.

By June 9, 1967, all of the Sinai Peninsula, up to the Gulf of Suez, was in the IDF's hands. 

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