The Six-Day War

Many academic researches, newspaper articles and books were published about the Six-Day War, its reasons, course, and outcomes. Many recordings, documents and photographs from the pre-war and war periods are presented at the exhibition.

The apercu presented here is a background to the collection of documents, formations' combat logs, and photographs, selected from the IDFA's much documentation of the six day war. Many photographs from the war may be retrieved from the site as well.

For the first time, the exhibition presents recordings, documents, and photographs from the pre-war (Waiting) period and from the war.

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The tensions grow

Israel Prepares

The "Waiting Period"

The National Unity Government

The General Staff Deliberations

Going to war

The Israeli Air Force during the war

The War Log in the High Command Post

Psychological Warfare

The Egyptian Front

The Jordanian Front

The Syrian Front

Post War

The Price of War​​

A summary of Rabbi Shlomo Goren's testimony

A summary of Yeshayahu Gavish's

Uzi Narkis, Central Command Commander

David Elazar – commander, Norther Command

Chief of Staff, Yitzhak Rabin's Testimony

Mordechay Hod, Air Force Commander's testimony

Intelligence in the war

Debriefings of the battle to liberate Jerusalem​

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