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​​​​The IDF and Defense Establishment Archive within the Ministry of Defense (henceforth: "the archive") offers the information in the present internet site, which is part of information found in the archive.


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The state's liability

The State of Israel, including its employees and representatives, will not be liable for damages caused to the user and/or any third party, due to the usage of this internet site and/or any information appearing in it. "Damage" in the present article means any damage, direct or indirect, including damages caused by reliance on the information presented on the internet site, and/or information referred by the site, and/or erroneous and/or misleading information appearing on the site.


The present site contains links to other site (henceforth: "third parties"). It is hereby noted that the state carries no liability to any third party content. In other words: links to third party sites may not be interpreted as endorsements of preferences by the archive of the linked sites, including their publications, materials and documents appearing on the sites.

Approaching the archive

The user in invited to approach the archive in response and/or a request to use the protected materials appearing on the site, using the archive's email addresses, subject to submitting his/her full name and details. The archive is authorized to respond to the applicant, if necessary, by Email, or any other means. Usage/​publication request of IDF and Defense Establishment Archive's material form.


The user's att​ention is hereby directed to the following legislation:

The​ computers Law – 1995

The Protection of Privacy Law – 1981

The Copyright Law – 2007

The page "Laws and Regulations​"

Other publications of the State of Israel and the Ministry of Defense

In case of any contradiction and/or incompatibility between materials presented on this internet site and the terms of any legislation or publication appearing in "Reshumot – the Official Government Gazette," the legislation or publication shall have the upper hand.

In addition In case of any contradiction and/or incompatibility between materials presented in this internet site and other official publication of the archive (including archival materials), the archive alone shall decide which one is correct.