Emergency Economy (meshek l'sheat herum or "Melah" for short)

​​Assuring the continued functioning of vital utilities during an emergency (Manpower, Agriculture, Industry, stock maintenance, raw materials, public transportation etc.), was a main issue since the establishment of Israel. Already during the War of Independence, in December 1949, David Ben Gurion, the Prime Minister, ordered the establishment of a Manpower High Council within the Prime Minister Office, with the participation of representatives from the Prime Minister Office, the Defense, Education, Agriculture, Trade and Industry, Labor and Interior Ministries and the IDF.

In 1951 a supreme committee was appointed to set the guidelines of an emergency economy, with the participation of the General Directors of the Prime Minister's office, the Agriculture, trade and industry Ministries, the Assistant General Director of the Ministry of Defense, and the deputy Chief of Staff.

However, the formal date of the establishment of "Melah" is November 27, 1955, in accord with the Government decision from that date.

We present some documents from the Melah's early history. 

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