The Audio Visual Documentation

​The crossing of the Suez Canal in the Yom Kippur War, the paratroopers entering Jerusalem, and the Chief of Staff speech on Mount Scopus after the Six Days War, are only a few examples from the huge video collection at The IDF and Defense Establishment Archive.

The videos – Israel wars documentation, through current security documentation, to corporate videos – were mostly filmed by The IDF Spokesperson's Unit Filming Unit. But the collection also includes documentation of various IDF units, produced by the Education Corps, the Ministry of Defense, private persons, and production companies.

16 and 35 millimeter have been digitized.

As of 2015, the collection contains over 38,000 videos, 1,500 of which are open to the public. We regard the video collection a national-cultural asset, and continue making it accessible to the public.

The collection is mainly used by production companies from Israel and abroad, in producing documentary films, articles and even feature films. These are shown in exhibitions, museums, legacy rooms in the IDF, and in various internet and new media sites.

Videos from the IDF and Defense Establishment Archive's collection may be watched in the archive and purchased for fees.

The IDF and Defense Establishment Archives maintains a rich YouTube channel, where we upload weekly a selection of videos for the interested public.