The establishment of the IDF

On May 26, 1948, Prime Minister signed the order establishing the Israel Defense Army, Israel Defense Forces Ordinance Number 4.

A month later, June 27, 1948, all senior IDF commanders – departments and corps' heads gathered for their swearing in ceremony.

The Prime Minister and Minister of Defense read the oath:

"I swear and commit to maintain allegiance to the State of Israel, its laws, and its authorities, to accep​t upon myself unconditionally the discipline of the Israel Defense Forces, to obey all the orders and instructions given by authorized commanders, and to devote all my energies, and even sacrifice my life, for the protection of the homeland and the liberty of Israel."

Each commander approached the Prime Minister and called: "I swear."

They were: Uri Yoffe, Eliahu Ben-Hur (Cohen), Davis Shealtiel, Dan Even (Epstein), Yigal Alon (Peikowitz), Yigal Yadin (Sukenik), Johanan Ratner, Joseph Avidar (Rochel), Yeheskel Sahar (Saharov), Yitzhak Sade, Israel Amir (Zabludovsky), Michael Ben-Gal (Rabinowitz), Mishael Shohen (Shaham), Mordechai Maklef, Moshe Carmel (Zalizki), Moshe Zadok (Lerer), Zvi Ayalon (Leshziner), Shalom Eshet (Fritz Eisenstaedt), Shlomo Shamir (Rabinowitz), Shmuel Admon (Rappaport), Shimon Avidan (Koch). The Chief of staff, Jacob Dori, was absent due to illness.

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