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​​An appeal to collect documentation of Jewish Combatant

It is important t​o us to harness as many people to the effort of collecting as much material to the enrichment of the archive for future generations. Please, ask your relatives, friends, and acquaintances, for any documentary materials, original or copies, testifying to their activities in any foreign armies or resistance organizations. Professional preservation of the historical materials will no doubt constitute a proper commemoration of these people, and a rich historical source for future research.

Currently, we are at the last moment in collecting World War II materials. Those who took part in it are very old, but we can still salvage much historical material, and interview the combatants. Moreover, we are also appealing to the second generation: those of you, holding historical materials of your parents, donating these to the archive is a proper way of their commemoration.

Please, check if you have any documents, notes, journals, photographs, badges and medals, souvenirs and mementoes, memoirs, biographies, historical books, unit logs and albums, etc., of anyone who fought in foreign armies, with the partisans or undergrounds. We shall willingly interview any former combatant.

We attach a personal online qu​estionnaire​ for combatants, females and males, who were active in any fo​reign combat unit (armies, work battalions, and resistance units).

For any questions, testifying, submitting historical materials, etc., please contact:

The IDF & Defense Establishment Archives, Ministry of Defense, Hakirya,
6473424, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Phone: 03-7380505

Fax: 03-7380534

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