The Jewish Combatant Collection

​​​​The Jewish Combatant Collection, in the World Armies and Undergrounds, at the The Israel Defense Forces and Defense Establishment Archives, contains thousands of documents, photographs, notes, books, newspaper clips, etc. documenting the roles and contributions of Jews in military activities all around the world.

On our site, we open a window to Jewish contributions to their countries' defense efforts – little and big stories of heroism and humanity, testifying to the Jewish contributions to humanity through taking part in wars: their exertions, questioning, heroic deeds, and daily service.

All this proves what is obvious to us, Jews, and what is not so obvious in our world full of prejudice: that Jews are just like other peoples, as proven from the pages of history. 

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World War I – General Information

World War I – Jewish Soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian army

World War I – Jewish soldiers if the German Army

World War I – Jewish soldiers in the Russian Army

World War I – t​he story of a Jewish soldier – Paul Schoenfeld

World War II – the story of a Jewish Soldier – Chaim (Hanush) Afta

World War II – the story of a Jewish Soldier – David Hirt

World War II – the story of a Jewish soldier – Esther Herlitz

World War II – The story of a Jewish soldier – Leon Kopelman

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