The Syrian Front

From the outset of warfare on the Egyptian and Jordanian fronts, there were exchanges of fire on the Syrian border, alternating with a failed Syrian offensive and artillery fire directed at Israel's northern settlements. Despite the Syrian provocation, Minister of Defense, Moshe Dayan objected to the opening of an additional warfare front, and was prepared only to confirm a minimum plan to occupy Tel 'Azzaziat. Dayan rejected all proposals by David Elazar, Northern Command Chief, to attack the Syrians. In a Government meeting on the evening of June 8, Dayan still objected to a large offensive against the Syrians, apprehending a Russian intervention.

Warfare on the Syrian front only began on June 9, following Dayan's agreement, due to the Egyptian acceptance of a cease fire.

The occupation of the Golan Heights was conducted in two phases. In the first, two territorial brigades: 2 (commanded by Colonel Yehuda Gavish; 3, commanded by​ Lieutenant Colonel Emanuel Shaked) occupied the Gonen area and the Syrian strongholds close to the border. In the second phase, occupation of the Golan Heights was carried by: Brigade 8 (Colonel Avraham Mendler); the Golani Brigade (colonel Jonah Ephrat); followed by Brigade 37 (Colonel Uri Rom); and Brigade 45.

The fighting ended on June 10, with the IDF controlling the Golan Heights up to Quneitra. 

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