Uzi Narkis, Central Command Commander

​pp. 1-6

Uzi Narkis talks about terror acts leading to retaliation acts. They are successful but do not put an end to terrorism.

"… And then various formations received orders, to prepare, for example to attack: for the Jerusalem Brigade it was Sheik Abdul-Aziz, although I was always full of apprehension over such attacks by reserve forces."

pp. 6-8

Plans to occupy Jerusalem, order of battle

"Once Ben Gurion gave an order. To out question about what next if [King] Hussein will fall, he replied, improving our situation in Jerusalem… if Hussein loses power, we take Jerusalem." (p 6)

"The Old City was to be taken separately, there was no order to occupy the Old City… Ben Gurion withheld to avoid complications… " (p. 8)


"Perhaps they will, perhaps they won't" uncertainty about the war. "Regarding our attitude to Jordan… we never wanted Hussein to fall from power, not now even… we were ready to be over forgiving…"

p. 10

The decision to occupy the West Bank in 72 hours.

pp. 11-12

"I was sure Nasser was playing" beginning preparations for war, although no one believes it will really happen.

P 17.

I said: "in my opinion, there is no use in taking Gaza only, it will just cause us more troubles. If we go at it, we should reach the canal. If we decide on Gaza only, we should attack from the north, driving away all the Arabs…"


A disbelieving that Hussein will act meaningfully. "If something happens in Jerusalem, I will be blamed."

pp. 26-31

General staff debate on May 27. Narkis quotes Levi Eshkol and other participants.

p. 35

How Haim Bar-Lev became deputy Chief of Staff.

p. 36

"I began lobbying for a war, I was very worried" explaining to the deputy Education Minister the future role of the air force in destroying the Egyptian air force. Approaching Joseph Sharon, deputy CEO and a close friend of Eshkol, to persuade Eshkol to go to war.

p. 40

The timing of the war against Jordan

pp. 46-50

Deployment of the forces: the Northern Command will prepare to take Janine and the area east of the mountains watershed. The Central Command: the Jerusalem Corridor, Ramallah, the Hebron area, cutting off Jericho from Jerusalem. No clear orders about the Old City. Deliberation about the proper direction to attack Jerusalem, from the Corridor or from Hebron.

pp. 68-69

About the credibility crises between the army and the government: "For the first I sense a danger to the Israeli Democracy. Why? Because the army is losing faith in the government's decisions. We must overcome this."

p. 73

The occupation of Mevaseret Zion and Mount Scopus.

pp. 74-75

Mapai's (The ruling party) indecision between Yigal Alon and Moshe Dayan.


On tour with Teddy Kollek. All are cheering the Chief of Staff. Saturday. We arrive at the religious neighborhoods. Religious Jews are filling sandbags on the Sabbath.  

pp. 89-90

Iraqi troops may reinforce Jerusalem.

p. 94

Presenting the plan: taking the Police Academy and Mount Scopus  with a paratrooper battalion. But who will allow me a paratrooper battalion. The 80th Brigade is a kind of reserve. Nobody took Jerusalem seriously.

p. 104

Occupying the Police Academy, with or without notifying the Chief of Staff.

p. 105

The War's outbreak. Calling Ariel Sharon."

p. 107

Calling Teddy Kollek: "Teddy this is a war, everything is alright, prepare to be mayor of all Jerusalem.

p. 108

The occupation of Latrun

pp. 118-119

Ceasefire in Jerusalem

pp. 159-160

The occupation of Mount Scopus. "Political considerations."

p. 166

The Paratroopers on their way to Jerusalem.

pp. 178-182

The dramatic conversation with Motta Gur. Planning to attack the Old City. "Enters Motta, combative, wearing a steel helmet."

pp. 183

"He wanted to enter the Old City with half-tracks. I told him that to the best of my knowledge one cannot pass the city gates with half-tracks"

pp. 187-188

The occupation of the High Commissioner Residence: "I instructed him to hoist a flag. Motta's people should carry flags with them."

pp. 212-216

Deliberation about the zero hour.

p. 218

Rabbi Goren appear, I advise him to prepare a Shofar. He says: "You shall make History, the South matters less, and the main targets are the Old City and the Temple Mount."

p. 221

Occupation of the Police Academy

p. 223

The General Staff was not aware of a possible ceasefire.

p. 240

The Minister of Defense and the Prime Minister have not decided yet about advancing to the Jordan Valley.

p. 249-254

The instruction not to enter the Old City

p. 255

Reconnoitering before breaking into the Old City

pp. 258-261

Moshe Dayan in Jerusalem: "You climb up. You see the Temple Mount and the fantastic Dome.

pp. 262-263

Urging Dayan to break in the Old City. His refusal.

"He was excited. His face shone… I said: 'Moshe, what about the Old City?' he said 'No!' later we understood that the Government has not yet decided to break into the Old City."

p. 264

"Dayan refused to advance to Jericho, perhaps he was right. What would have happened if Israel stayed in the mountains and the Arabs down in the valley? We would not have the river, and be in deep troubles, therefore it's better like this."

p. 286

The order to surround Jerusalem, and enter the Old City.

p. 292

"I woke Motta from his sleep. He said: "alright, we begin immediately."

p. 296

Haim Bar-Lev voices his misgivings about the Old City. There is an international pressure to agree to a ceasefire. We are controlling the Suez Canal, the Egyptians are cut off. Beware of a new enclave in the Old City, like Mount Scopus.

p. 300

Entering the Old City through the Lions Gate. "Having reached the Lions Gate street corner, I offered Rabbi Goren a lift. He refused, running heavily on foot with a Torah Scroll in his left hand and a Shofar in his right."

p. 306

The Prime Minister visits to the Old City. The Minister of defense is busy being photographed.

p. 307

A tour of the Mosque. At the Western Wall Dayan inserts a note "Peace on Israel." He orders to open the gates of the Old City, but prevent free movement. 

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