Israel Prepares

​​​​​On May 15, following the news about the deployment of Egyptian forces in the Sinai Peninsula, Chief of staff Yitzhak Rabin ordered to deploy the IDF's regular armored forces in the south. On May 16, another order code named "Rogel" was issued, to prepare to mobilize reserve forces, 5,000 were immediately mobilized.

In the following days, following incursions of Egyptian aircraft into Israel, and intelligence evaluations pointing to a growing possibility of an Egyptian offensive, 40,000 more reservists were mobilized, and on May 23, all reserve forces were mobilized.

In the following days, various operational plans were prepared to respond to all possible scenarios: "Sadan" plan to defend the country.

(1966) "Rogel" order 2 – defensive alert to intercept Egyptian forces in the Southern Command sector, alert in all other commands, including sea and air (May 17); "Kardom" 1 plan – destruction of the Egyptian air force and the forward Egyptian forces in the Sinai Peninsula (May 10); "Atzmon" plan, destruction of the Egyptian air force, occupation of the Gaza Strip (May 20); "Makevet" plan – occupation of the Golan Heights, "Pargol" – occupation of the West Bank (May 30).

Until the outbreak of the war, June 5, these plans and orders were modified according to the developments. Following the appointment of Moshe Dayan as Defense Minister, all plans were changed considerably, and a new operational plan emerged: "Nachshonim" (June 3). 

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