The Jordanian Front

​​The actual initiator of warfare on the Jordanian front was the Jordanian army, then under the command of the Egyptian General Abdul Monim ​Riad. On June 5, Jordanian aircraft attacked targets in Israel, and the Arab Legion occupied the UN High commissioner Residence in Jerusalem.

In an overwhelming attack, the Israeli Air Force destroyed the Jordanian one, and within two days IDF formations took control of most of the West Bank, and enveloped the Old City of Jerusalem. On the morrow, June 7, the IDF occupied the Old City, reaching the Western Wall.

The warfare in the Jordanian front central sector was conducted by: Regiment 4 (commanded by Colonel Moshe Yotvat, and following his injury by Colonel Joseph Harpaz); Regiment 5 (commanded by Colonel Ze'ev Shaham); Regiment 16 (colonel Eliezer Amitay); Regiment 10 (Colonel Uri Ben-Ari); Regiment 55 (paratroopers, commanded by Colonel Mordechai Gur). Commanding the front was Central Command chief, General Uzi Narkis.

The following formation fought In the Northern sector, under the command of the Northern Command chief, General David Elazar: Division 36 (commanded by General Elad Peled); including, in Northern Samaria, Regiment 9 (Colonel Aaron Avnon), Regiment 37 (Colonel Uri Rom); and regiment 45 (Lieutenant Colonel Moshe Bar-Kokheva – Bril) and other formations. A battle between Israeli and Jordanian armored forces took place in the Dothan Valley. The towns of Nablus and Janine were occupied too.

On June 9, the whole West Bank was occupied by the IDF. 

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