About the Haganah Historical Archives


The Haganah Historical Archives (HHA) operates within The IDF & Defense Establishment Archives, at Israel's Ministry of Defense. The HHA was established in the 1950s, and was founded on the documentation gathered for the writing of Sefer Toldot Hahaganah (The History of the Haganah, volumes 1-3, 1954-1972).

Over the years a vast amount of materials was accumulated in the archives, and currently it includes a large collection of documents of the National Command of the Haganah, and of the organization's General Staff and its departments; large parts of the Haganah's Intelligence Service (Shai) archives, including a considerable collection of documents of its Arab Department; a vast collection of documents of the Mossad Lealiya Bet (The Institution for Immigration B); about 150,000 documents of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Palestine Police; tens of thousands of documents copied from archives in Israel and abroad for the Inter-University Project For the Research of the Ha'apala in Memory of Shaul Avigur; about 4,000 testaments taken from members of the Haganah; about 23,600 photograps, 1,700 maps and drawings, and 1,000 broadsheets and posters.

The Haganah Historical Archices is housed since 1961 in Beit Eliyahu Golomb, 23 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv. The Building is also the residence of the Haganah Museum.

The HHA is open to the public regularly Sunday through Thursday, 08:00-16:00, excluding Jewish religious holidays.

Ways of contacting the archives:

e-mail: haganah_arch@mod.gov.il

Tel: 03-5603715, 03-5660395, 03-5606066


The Haganah Historical Archives

Beit Eliyahu Golomb

23 Rothschild Boulevard

Tel Aviv 6688202