The "Palmah" archive

The Palmach archive is part of the IDFA

Immediately after the laying of the cornerstone of the Palmach House in 1993, materials were collected – documents, exhibits and items associated with the Palmach and its fallen members. These materials served as a database for the virtual Palmach Archive. The Palmach house was inaugurated by the "Dor Hapalmach Association," in the year 2000. From 2005 the Palmach archive belongs to the IDFA.

The Palmach Archive hosts a library containing thousands of titles, films, photographs, testimonials, and exhibits. The Memorial Room is dedicated to each of the Palmach members that fell from 1941 to 1949. In each drawer is a personal file of the fallen member, with his or her personal details, photographs, letters, and additional material. 

The computerized data base at the Palmach House and Website include 1,301 entries about the Palmach's history and legacy. 500 entries are translated into English and available on the website; 3,029 titles, articles and pamphlets; 1,197 records of fallen members; 6,851 records of Palmach combatants, males and females, about half of which contains curriculum vitae and photographs; 57 battle maps; 197 photo albums; 27,652 photographs; 1,447 films; 23 poems; 43 exhibits; 650 testimonials and a total of 35,940 archived items. Archive employees are in contact with the "Dor Hapalmach Association" and family members, to receive archival matters gathered lately.

The computerized database is linked to the Palmach Photo Gallery and to the physical archive. A reference room is available in the Palmach's Archive, containing computerized stations, books, films, testimonials, a large collection of personal files, and subject matter files created over the years from patrimonies of Palmach members, bereaved family members, the written press, etc.

The IDFA stores documents pertaining to the Palmach in the War of Independence, and the Yad Tabenkin Archive stores original documents pertaining to the Palmach's activities in 1941 – 1949.

The "Dor Hapalmach Association" resides in the Palmach House in Ramat-Aviv, alongside the Palmach Museum and an auditorium, dedicated to the combatants who escorted convoys to besieged Jerusalem in 1948.